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English National Opera bring opera, film and animation to Thorpe!

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The project, called 'Finish This', is a music-making programme for schools nationwide and the English National Opera describes it as 'bringing a fusion of opera, film and animation into the classroom'. 

The children accepted the challenge to step into the role of an English National Opera composer and create their own colour world using music, text and sounds, to complete the end of an opera.

Megan Lawson, Year 3 class teacher and music coordinator, said: “This was a fantastic project to be involved in and the guidance from English National Opera was professional. 

“The children were excited right from the start and it was super to see them working together to compose a piece of music.

“They were delighted by the personal feedback about their piece from English National Opera and loved listening to their composition on the English National Opera website as well as sharing it with their families.”

Year 3 are delighted that their music is now on the English National Opera 'Finish This' website for all to hear!