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Please find below information on how we teach English/Literacy at Thorpe.



At Thorpe we believe that Literacy is fundamental to all areas of learning, as it unlocks access to the wider curriculum. Being literate increases opportunities for the individual in all aspects of life and lays the foundations for lifelong learning and work. We strive to develop a love for reading in every child so that they can reach their potential across all areas of the curriculum. 

  • Destination Reader lessons 4x per week (Years 3-6), transition from Phonics to DR in Year 2. Focus on reading stems and learning behaviours. Non-fiction, fiction and poetry text each term – strong links to writing. Vocabulary displayed on the Reading Wall. 

Teacher’s plan as a year group in the form of PowerPoint slides 

  • ‘Love for Reading’ session once a week – independent reading, ‘Book of the Week’ – introducing a new book and author in an inspirational way. 1:1 reading - teacher reading with the child. Book corners organised by genre and made high profile. 

  • Children to take books home and Reading Records to be completed and monitored by the teacher – expectation of at least 5 nights reading each week. Parents understand the expectation and can make comments in records. 

  • DR bookmarks to be available at all times so that children can apply across the curriculum. 


We continue to judge this by the following criteria:  

  • Children are keen to read and can talk about books with confidence. 

  • Children can discuss texts using the DR stems and apply this across the curriculum. 

  • Children reflect what they have read in their writing. 

  • Teachers consider the approach taken to the teaching of reading to be effective in        meeting the needs of their pupils.  

  • Parents feel well-informed about how their children learn to read and how they are developing as a learner.  

  • Attainment and progress improves in line or above national average with the disadvantaged children attaining in line with their peers.  


At Thorpe Primary School, we want to develop pupils who can write fluently, so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others effectively.  We aim to ensure all of our children develop a genuine love of language and the written word.  We want to inspire our children and develop life-long lovers of writing and reading, who not only leave our school able to read and write to a high standard, but also have a passion for the English subject.

  • Our intentions in writing are for children to:
  • Develop into successful, resilient writers who are exposed to carefully designed lessons with opportunities to explore and use the skills from the National Curriculum.
  • See themselves as real writers, who see the writing process as interesting and enjoyable
  • Use discussion in order to learn; they should be able to explain clearly their understanding and ideas
  • To develop a wide vocabulary and a confident understanding of grammar.
  • Have continuity between year groups and key stages, ensuring skills and knowledge are built on each year
  • Acquire the ability to organise and plan their written work
  • Write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences

Please read the Writing Curriculum Statement of Intent document below for further information.


We follow the Letterjoin handwriting scheme. Handwriting is taught explicitly in lessons and in context when the teacher models correct letter formation. In Nursery, Reception and Year 1, children are taught printed letter formation which is a wonderful starting point for them as they move to a cursive style in Year 2.

Please see the 'Handwriting at Home Letter' for the information on how to access Letterjoin at home for your child to practise their handwriting.