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Phonics and Early Reading


At Thorpe Primary School we want to create confident, skilful readers who have a life-long love of reading and can expertly apply their knowledge and understanding. 


At Thorpe Primary School we use Read Write Inc. to help teach children the skill of decoding words and early comprehension.  

RWI lessons daily. 

  • The phonics lead and trained HLTAs/teachers assess children’s decoding ability once a half term 

  • The phonics lead, with support from the above adults, assigns each child to a RWI group based on their assessment outcomes 

  • Teachers and TAs in EYFS to year 4 teach RWI lessons daily  

  • Speed sounds lesson daily within RWI lessons – focus on recognising and decoding single words, alongside spelling 

  • 3-4 times per week children practise reading a RWI storybook which includes sounds they already know (practise what they know as a pose to what is new to them) 


We continue to judge this by the following criteria: 

  • Children are positive and confident about reading 

  • Parents feel well-informed about how their children learn to read and how they are developing as a learner 

  • Children progress by a RWI colour or more each half term 

  • Attainment and progress continues to improve in line or above national average with the disadvantaged children attaining in line with their peers 

We recommend watching the following  Ruth Miskin  videos from the dropdown menu:

  • Understanding phonics
  • What is RWI phonics
  • How to say the sounds
  • Sound blending
  • 10 things to think about when you read to your child