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Thorpe Primary School

Challenge, Inspire, Succeed

School Council

Hello, we are Thorpe School Council. We applied for our positions because we want to help to make the school an even better place to learn!

So far, we have had fun working together and getting to know our different roles, such as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. We have learnt about making laws and seen how our role works on a much bigger scale, during a visit to the Houses of Parliament.

The School Council have been discussing School Dinners with their classmates.  Firstly they met with Mrs Cresswell the Catering Manager to see what questions she would like them to ask. 


The majority of their classmates would like to do a taste test, sampling new ideas.

  • Jacket Potatoes – they would like butter as an additional topping and they would also like the portions to be bigger.
  • Pizza – they would like to try anchovies, sausage, spices, peppers and olives on their pizzas.
  • Salad – they would like olives, jalapeno peppers, bigger tomatoes and salad dressing.
  • Pasta – they would like chicken, tuna pasta, ravioli and tagliatelle.

Additional meals they would like are hot dogs, fishcakes, fish curry, fish burgers, salmon, carbonara and squid.

Lots of ideas for Mrs Cresswell to work her magic on!

The next topic they are looking into is the parking problems at the front of the school and how they can encourage parents to park safely.