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Special Educational Needs

At Thorpe Primary School, we aim to work in partnership with families to meet each child’s individual needs

We aim to provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment, which gives individuals an opportunity to fulfil their potential to the highest possible standard

We want to keep parents informed about the provision available to children.
We invite Family Voice to our Parents Evenings to help parents with questions or concerns

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Thorpe Primary School believes that all pupils should be respected and valued.

We work hard to ensure that all pupils:

  • Have a wide and balanced curriculum which is differentiated to meet individual needs
  • Can learn and make progress according to their individual developmental trends
  • Are assessed using appropriate assessment tools and guidelines
  • Have equal access to resources, provision and interventions as needed

Special educational provision is provision that is additional to or different from that made generally for others of the same age.  This means provision that goes beyond the differentiated approaches and learning arrangements normally provided as part of high quality, personalised teaching.  It may take the form of additional support within a setting or require involvement of specialist support services.

Thorpe has a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) who is responsible for the management of identified pupils with SEND.  Our SENCo is Helen Charlton.

All teachers are teachers of SEND pupils and as such provided quality first teaching. 

Key contacts:

  • SENCo:  Helen Charlton
  • SEN TA: Irene Dolan

The SENCo and SEN TA can be contacted through the school office, on 01733 264340. 

Our Special Education Needs Governor is Anne Clayton.

Here is a link to the Local Authority Offer

Policies are found below: