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Useful Links

Please click on a category below to view some links to websites that you may find useful.

General Links

1. BBC Sports Academy
An excellent site for learning about different sports and for improving your own play.

2. Seaworld
Find out fun facts and discover the scientific classifications of many of the world's animals. Watch the penguins live with PenguinCam, or learn about animal rescue and rehabilitation.

3. The Beano
What children's listing would be complete without the Beano?

4. The National Museum of Science
A very extensive site with lots of information.

5. Islamic Playground
Here you will find many activities such as Islamic games, quizzes, puzzles, Arabic alphabet games, Islamic stories and much more.  InshAllah, enjoy yourself and tell all your friends about this website.

6. Woodlands Junior
Information on Hinduism

7. Botham Bakery's Guide To Bread
This famous traditional Yorkshire bakery divulge old family secrets as they teach children how to make bread, cakes and other goodies. Find out why flour is bleached and whether brown is really better. Children can learn basic bread history, from its humble seed origins to going through the mill.

Fun & Games

1. Alfy
Alfy is waiting to guide you through a maze of games, stories and puzzles. Play, record and listen to your own sounds in Music Mania or build a 'Wacky Water Machine' in the Create section.

2. All Mixed Up
This game site has all of the traditional games such as Othello and Connect 4. The design is simple and you won't see anything more gruesome than tic-tac-toe.

3. Billy Bear's Playground
This online playground has plenty of activities, including great seasonal ideas for Halloween, Christmas and holidays. There are tons of online games and puzzles and pictures to print and play, plus screensavers and online stickers.

4. Funbrain
A great American site. Have a go at Maths Baseball to see if you can score a home run. How's your spelling? Check out the Spell Check and try to get your name on the leader board or write a Wacky Story.

5. Friv

6. A. Pintura: Art Detective
Play a 1940's detective with a degree in art history. A distraught woman asks you to identify some paintings she's found in her grandpa's attic. But first, you must research famous artists like Van Goch and Gaugin


1. A Plus Math
Stuck with your maths homework? This website injects a little fun into maths, covering basic elements as well as geometry and algebra. Visit the games room and play bingo, the hidden picture game and the concentration exercise.

2. Amusement Park Physics
Are you too afraid to go on a roller coaster in case you fall out? This site explains the physics of amusement park rides and shows what gravitational forces are at work. You can even design your own roller coaster; will it be a runaway success or a bumpy ride?

3. Archkidecture
This educational site explores the art of construction in a style suitable for young children. Normal and obscure feats of architectural wizardry are surveyed from simple buildings to Buddhist temples.

4. Brtiannica
Microsoft's Britannica encyclopedia on-line.

The official NASA web site containing vast amounts of information.

6. Solar Views
 An excellent site relating to our solar system with lots of images and information

7. BBC Schools
 The bbc website for schools

8. Woodlands Junior School


1. 365 Outdoor Activities family_0401_01/dony/donyout_index
Keep your kids occupied with some fun and easy-to-supervise activities and games; each suggestion requires little or no expense and categories include natural science, gardening and group play. 'Chart the Rain' can be saved for those rainy days and the 'Animal Footprint' exercise could spark the interest of your junior naturalist.

2. British Agency for Adoption and Fostering
The BAAF is Britain's leading agency for adoption and fostering. Its web site is a good starting point for families looking to investigate either possibility. It has to be said that the site is neither lively nor interactive as visitors are unable to ask questions, send emails or join forums. Still, there's useful general information.

3. Britkids
This engaging website explores the cultural diversity of the British community, and invites teenagers to 'hang out' with the 'Britkids'. Users encounter imaginary characters from nine different ethnic backgrounds, who talk about their family life, religious beliefs, and experiences of living in Britain.

4. BUPA Children's Health
Masses of information about children's health.

5. Department of Health

6. Educational Establishments List
This section lists all UK public sector bodies associated with education.

7. NHS Online
The National Health Service's online health portal.


9. Peterborough City Council
The web site for Peterborough City Council.

10. The Guardian Education Section

Search Engines

Story Time

1. Aaron Shepherd's Storybook
A nice site containing a collection of international folktales as well as original stories by Aaron Shepherd, many written for more than one narrator. Beneath the plain design is advice on becoming a better storyteller and tales ranging from the 'Harvest that Never Came' to the 'Legend of Lightning Harry'.

2. Aesops Fables
This collection of Aesop's Fables includes more than 650 fables, indexed in table format, with morals listed and audio narrations, Classic Images, Random Fables, Search Engine and 127 Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen.

3. Children's Reading Room
Part of the Museum of Unnatural Mystery, this reading room has stories for 3 to 9-year-olds. The hero of the stories is Bunny, who enjoys watching scary movies and his best friend Penguin. See how Bunny outwits Sharky, the bully of the toy room and follow his adventures with the Pirates. All the stories can be printed to read offline.

4. Children's Storybooks Online
More than 15 illustrated stories to read online. There are fairy tales, parables and lots of animal stories for older or younger children. Very young children can learn the alphabet or animal noises with these bright online books..

5. Go Comics
From Marmaduke to Snoopy to Dilbert, there are over 25 comic strips to browse through. If you have a favourite, dip into its archives or put a direct-link icon on your desktop to see the daily cartoon. You can send your comments, by email, direct to the cartoonist.

The Zoo

1. Kids Butterfly
You'll find butterfly information and activities for children. There are colouring pages to download and a large FAQ section with detailed explanations and pictures. The life cycle of these beautiful creatures is explained with the help of online illustrations. You can see photos in the gallery or visit other butterfly sites from the links page and even learn how to raise a caterpillar of your own!

2. Frogland
Find out loads of fun frog facts on this site dedicated to those amphibian creatures. If you are planning to keep them as pets, read the handy hints in Pet Info and learn how to look after them at the Frog Doctor. You can download desktop icons and screen savers and learn how to say frog (or toad) in all sorts of languages. Don't miss out on the frog jokes.

3. House Rabbit Society
With a definite 'ahh' factor, this is the place to learn all about pet rabbits. You can find out how to care for your rabbit, with health, diet, behaviour and plenty more information. There's a good FAQ page and details of common bunny medical problems. Visit the 'Pictures and Fun' section for photos, illustrations and stories and try out the 'Just for Kids' page.

4. Katerpillars and Mystery Bugs
If you love insects, then you will love this site from the University of Kentucky Department of Entomology. Read the lifestyles of the Beautiful and the Bizarre and learn how to make a butterfly garden or find out which insects are around during the year. There are interesting activities to do in Bug Fun: make a paper mache insect.

5. Kids Planet
Investigate the natural habitat of planet Earth in this colourful wildlife resource. Learn about wild animals on every continent with fun factsheets covering a diverse range of species. Interactive puzzles and sound games will test your animal know-how.

6. Living Africa
Explore the African continent in this inviting website. Written in an engaging, clear style, the site describes Africa's diverse population, exotic wildlife and areas of natural beauty, such as Mount Kilimanjaro and the Sahara Desert. Stunning photos accompany all sections, and young learners can test their African know-how with quizzes

7. BBC Wildlife
BBC wildlife website

TV & Film

1. Aardman Animations
What's Wallace's favourite drink? Open Gromit's Photo Album for pictures from A Close Shave, A Grand Day Out or The Wrong Trousers. See the storyboard for the Great Train Chase on "Feathers" McGraw's Home page. Find out what clay is used in the model making and take a virtual tour of the Aardman Studios.

2. Batman - The Animated Series
Learn more about the background stories of all your favourite villains and good guys. Each biography has stills from the series, lists when the character first appeared in print and which cartoon episodes they starred in. There are complete episode listings as well as an excellent sound and video library.

3. Blue Peter
Blue Peter’s impressive website boasts an archive of cooks and things ot make, as well as clips and features from past shows. Not only is every presenter profiled, but the programme’s vast array of pets are featured too.

4. Disney Channel
Everything about your favourite Disney Channel shows is here; from Sabrina slang to Pepper Ann profiles. Visit the Live Studio to see presenters and a gallery of children's artwork, or find out all about Walt Disney and go behind the scenes of his films in The Wonderful World of Disney. There are tons of games and downloads

5. Disney UK
Mickey and the gang have loads of fun stuff on their website. Take a peak behind the scenes at the latest Disney films, read interactive comics and even check-out the Explorers’ Diary from exciting places around the world.

6. Fairy Tale - The Movie
If you believe in fairies then you can learn more about The Good People and how to protect yourself against their mischief at this enchanting site. Build your own fairy house and see if they come to visit. Non-believers can read about the true story of two young girls who claim to have seen and photographed fairies.

BBC childrens website

8. Newsround


You can contact ChildLine about anything. No problem is too big or too small. Whatever your worry it's better out than in. There are several different ways you can get in touch check out the website above.